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Do you have gift vouchers?

Imagine giving a balloon flight to your loved one or used as a fund raiser prize?

Kiwi Balloon Voucher SAMPLE

A Balloon ride is such a gentle and pleasurable experience and it is something that is enjoyed by all age groups.

What a perfect way to say thank you, or to celebrate a special milestone. Perhaps you are looking for a memorable gift to celebrate your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, your child’s graduation or a new career. Gift vouchers for a balloon ride goes down a treat with all age groups.


  • Adult Flight $390.00 per person
  • Child Flight $310.00 per child under 12 years old


  • Contact us directly to purchase vouchers.
  • You can collect or have vouchers posted to you.

Special notes:

Kiwi Balloon Company Flight Vouchers:

  • Expire six month s from date of purchase
  • Vouchers are non refundable.
Balloon flights, where abouts do we fly?

We fly with the wind

All balloon flights are different. Usually we depart from Innes Common in the heart of Hamilton. The direction of the winds on the day will dictate where our journey takes us.

You could find yourself high above the mighty Waikato River the regions namesake and New Zealand’s longest river, or gazing at bush clad mountain tops that were once volcanoes. The region is lush with farmland, forests and verdant hills so there is much to enjoy from the air.



What area do you fly in?

Flight Area from Hamilton

Please see the map below

Kiwi Balloon Company flight area

Kiwi Balloon Company flight area

Why are all balloon flights weather dependant?

Safety is our first concern.

To fly, we require little wind and no rain.

Should we need to postpone the balloon flight we will contact you as soon as possible. This may be a day or two before your scheduled flight. It is possible we may need to make the call on the day – this does happen. So if you are travelling from out of town it is best to book the flight for the start of your visit – allowing time to reschedule if necessary.

Met Service: Hamilton weather forecast

What happens to my money if we can’t fly due to weather?

We will first try to reschedule you flight, however we understand that this is not always possible. Should this occur a full refund will be given.


How do balloons fly?

Based on the principle that hot air rises, the balloon works when the burner fuelled by propane gas is positioned under an open balloon envelope to heat the air and make the balloon rise. When the parachute valve at the top of the envelope is opened some of the hot air escapes, and the balloon sinks and the hot air won’t escape from the hole at the bottom of the envelope because buoyancy keeps it moving up.

If you’re interested in getting a birds-eye-view of the world, then book with Kiwi Balloon Company.

Technical Stuff

Read more about how hot air balloons fly (

What is it like in the balloon basket?

Balloon Basket

The basket for our large Hamilton balloon can take up to 9-10 passengers depending upon the total weight of passengers. Our smaller balloon, Forlongs, can take up to 4 passengers. In the basket you will be standing for up to one (1) hour so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Help required?

The sides of baskets are high; we have an easy mount step ladder to help those of you not so fit.

Learn more about our new 10 story high balloon >

How long does the balloon experience take?

Balloon Experience

Plan for:

Around 4 hours in total. The flight departs early in the morning around sunrise. Part of your balloon experience will be to help inflate the balloon which is considered by many people to be huge fun. The flight itself will take up to an hour with the total time in the air being dictated by the wind directions and potential landing sites.

The next part involves helping to deflate the balloon and travel back to base where you will enjoy a traditional bubbly (we can’t call it Champagne anymore!) and nibbles.


What clothes should I wear?

What to wear:

Comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes and a hat, (the heat coming from the burner can be quite warm). The temperature on the ground is about the same as the air aloft, so there is no need to rug up.

What is the flight time?

Take off time

The flight takes place early in the morning around sunrise.

How do we get back to balloon base?
The chase car

The Kiwi Balloon Company chase car

Landing and return

We land wherever the wind takes us so the chase vehicle follows the progress of the flight and is there to assist with the landing and return us to our balloon base.

What qualifications do the balloon pilots have?
Mark Brown hold a New Zealand Commercial Pilot's License

Mark Brown holds a
New Zealand Commercial Pilot’s License

Mark Brown – Commercial Balloon Pilot

Mark Brown has been ballooning since 2004. He holds a New Zealand Commercial Balloon Pilot’s License which he gained in 2009. Mark is passionate about balloon flight.

He has attended balloon festivals in Waikato and Wairarapa every year, and others in Mildura (Australia) and Levin. In 2009 Mark won the Waiarapa Balloon Tournament trophy for Competitive Flying at the Wairarapa Balloon Fiesta.

Mark is a member of the Balloon Aviation Association of New Zealand and his business Kiwi Balloon Company is Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAA) 115 Certified.