Wendy Peel, CEO

Unlike Mark – his wife Wendy has her feet on the ground! Whilst Mark is up flying Wendy looks after bookings and enquiries, and generally keeps the business running smoothly. She is only too happy to respond to your questions and enquiries.

The Chase Crew

Our cheerful and vigilant chase crew are there to assist at the commencement and conclusion of your adventure. Their role is to help inflate the balloon, to help bring it down again, and to deflate it. More importantly they hit the road as you depart and follow along behind your balloon until it is time to land again. The crew are in regular radio contact with Mark, and will be there on the ground waiting for you as you land. They will transport you back to base.

Second Pilot

Duncan Matheson is Kiwi Balloon Company’s second Pilot. He also holds a New Zealand Commercial Balloon Pilot’s License and is one of our regular chase crew.