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Your sky high adventure

See what you can expect from your experience with the Kiwi Balloon Company.


You will help us inflate the balloon and make preparation for your skyward adventure


Take to the air over the mighty Waikato and enjoy scenery that will take your breath


We will fly across the skies of Waikato for around an hour. At this point, the pilot will look for a suitable landing spot.


As the balloon floats over the beautiful Waikato, you will rise and fall with the wind currents until the pilot finds a suitable place to land.


After landing and packing up the balloon, we will take you back to the Hamilton
Lake’s Verandah Cafe for refreshments. You can choose from a hot or cold drink and
some nibbles. If you'e feeling peckish, you can also order a breakfast from the cafe.
We encourage you to ask the pilot any questions you have about the flight and share
your experience with us. We love to hear how you enjoyed it!

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